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Terms & Policy

1. 378 Amplifiers will collect personal information to be able to maintain the website, provide safe and easy experience while using By browsing this website you agree to your data can be collected and stored. You have the right to check, modify or erase your personal informations. Cookies help me with statistics and upgrades of our website to make it better for users. These terms & policy are subject to change at any time without notice.

2. All orders are made via website and are paid by provided option. 

3. Before placing order please contact me to see if there is a place on my waiting list. All amps are made to order (subject to change in future).

4. To secure the spot for your amplifier you have to buy the pre-order spot on this website. 

5. You have 7 days to cancel the order and to get your money back. Which is paid back in 14 days. 

6. Pre-orders have estimated shipping date which is subject to change. Any delays will be announced to the customer directly. 

7. Customer have 378 days warranty (60 days for tubes) since the delivery date. Any problems and issues with the amp should be messaged to info at
 includes repairs if any problem with the amplifier will occure. Warranty service doesn't include amplifier that is: modified, stolen, damaged due to misuse,  improper voltage settings or natural forces beyond my power. Warranty includes free repairs done by your local service technician or by 378 Amplifiers (contact me first).

8. All amplifiers are made to order and are defect-free when shipped. Bias and hum pots are set, no need to correct those.



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