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IIIVIIVIII 2nd gen model T 2023 (super T)

€3 050,00Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Specification

    - 3x 12AX7
    - 4x 6550/KT88
    - custom made stainless steel chassis
    - custom made cabinet and front panel
    - custom made Ogonowski power transformer
    - Mercury Magnetics output transformer
    - point to point wiring using the same design with lacing and color coding
    - reproduction: handles, corner protectors, feet, cable holders, impedance switch, power tube sockets, knobs, front grill, solder lug strips, power and standby switches
    - added HT fuses and Mains fuse
    - 120VAC and 230VAC versions

  • Payment options

    Full - amp will be made much quicker and shipped faster.
    50% Deposit - standard queue and delivery time.

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